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CrowdScreenSR Overview

The systematic review is a cornerstone in medicine, important for ensuring that both clinical practice and research are evidence based. Unfortunately, systematic reviews are becoming increasingly challenging as a consequence of not only the large volume of existing literature, but the rapid rate of rise. It is up to the scientific community to envision new ways of overcoming this challenge.

We have designed CrowdScreenSR as a potential solution to this problem. CrowdScreenSR provides a platform that scientists at CHEO can use to facilitate completion of a systematic review. This user-friendly virtual platform aims to speed up the systematic review process by helping scientists to organize their review and allowing large teams or crowds to work together on projects. 

If you are new to CrowdScreenSR, please use this link to:
  • Request a log-in and provide details on your systematic review; or
  • Use the software to screen citations for eligibility

Additional information about CrowdScreenSR can be obtained from Jenna Pepper.


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