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Current Research Health Electronic Information

Leveraging the electronic medical record (Epic) to create a highly functional research data network for observational studies in Canada.

An Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) allows health care providers to have all vital patient information at their fingertips to provide patients with optimal care. It also presents a unique opportunity to leverage regularly collected health data to help answer important questions that previously were not possible to answer without expensive randomized clinical trials. In this collaborative effort, we propose to establish the local IT and research infrastructure to develop and lead diverse multi-centre programs of research, and improve care, with meaningful patient involvement. We will seek multi-stakeholder feedback and propose a robust platform for clinical monitoring, quality improvement, and leading research in unique patient populations. The anticipated outcome of this project is to provide a blueprint for creating new, highly functional research data networks to conduct rigorous observational studies in Canada.
Transforming Health Information and Research Synthesis through Technology (THIRST)

Clinicians and hospital policy makers rely on systematic reviews to help provide optimal cost-effective health care. Systematics reviews are comprehensive knowledge synthesis efforts that are very time consuming as the study team often needs to review thousands of research articles to answer a specific question. Unfortunately, with the rapid increase in rate of published literature, it is becoming increasingly difficult to complete these reviews. The good news is that it may be possible to avoid the impending crisis by taking advantage of technological advances that allow for a large online scientific community and computer automation to provide assistance. In collaboration with Algonquin College and the National Research Council, we have initiated development of a web-based platform (insightScope) that incorporates these two solutions into one easy-to-use free website. The proposed study aims to complete development and perform two types of user testing. At least 25 study teams will be recruited to use the prototype insightScope platform and provide feedback on workflow and usability. Study teams will be recruited from the 5 major Ontario pediatric hospital and established Canadian pediatric research consortium.

UPDATE: Study teams being recruited
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