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About E-Health Research

The Electronic Health Information Laboratory (EHIL) has a research program devoted to facilitating the sharing of electronic health information for secondary purposes while protecting the privacy of patients and the identity of providers. EHIL develops technology to facilitate health data sharing, including de-identification methods and secure computation methods to allow surveillance and analysis without compromising privacy. The different methods are suitable under different circumstances and constraints, from individual-level data release, on-going surveillance, to interactive remote analysis.

EHIL's reasearch spans theoretical work (which consists of developing mathematical models and metrics of re-identification risk), empirical work (evaluations of our models and metrics through simulations and controlled studies), applied work (evaluations on large data sets), and knowledge translation (building software tools, instruments, and education through presentations, webinars, and workshops). EHIL is the only research group inCanadaconducting both theoretical and applied research on the de-identification of health information and secure computation over health data. 
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