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Healthier CHEO Kids
Harnessing the Power of Exercise and Physical Activity to Improve the Physical and Mental Health of Children with Illnesses and Disabilities

Healthier CHEO Kids is a programme of applied clinical research and patient/clinician education designed to increase the physical activity and quality of life of CHEO patients and their families. Physical activity has immediate physical and mental health benefits for all children and youth. These benefits include socialization with friends, skill development, increased strength and bone density, enhanced daily activity and improved mental health and readiness for academic learning. Physical activity during childhood and adolescence also establishes healthy lifestyle habits that decrease the risk of disease later in life, such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and some types of cancer. Dr. Pat Longmuir leads the Healthier CHEO Kids programme, working in conjunction with many CHEO clinicians and staff.

CHEO patients and their families provides information about Healthier CHEO Kids research projects and physical activity counselling services.

CHEO clinicians and staff describes Physical Activity Counselling services for CHEO patients and educational opportunities and resources from Healthier CHEO Kids.

Healthier CHEO Kids has active research projects for the treatment of childhood illness and the prevention of future disease. Our research focused on treatment examines the benefits of physical activity and exercise on mental health and physical function. Our preventive research is supporting children’s physical literacy – their capacity to achieve and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. For information about current projects, follow the link to our Current Research page.

Want to know more about our research and education activities? Check out our Presentations and Publications!
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