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CHEO Research stands out in CIHR Operating Grant Funding Competition

OTTAWA, ON – February 3, 2014 – The CHEO Research Institute is proud to announce a 29% success rate in the recent Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant Funding competition, securing over $2.7 Million to fuel pediatric research. CHEO’s success rate is 13% higher than CIHR’s posted funding success rate.

“CHEO research helps kids and families to be their healthiest,” said Dr. Martin Osmond, CEO and Scientific Director of the CHEO Research Institute. “This funding announcement recognizes the importance and relevance of research at CHEO, and I want to congratulate our hard-working scientists and clinician investigators for their dedication and passion – it’s what continues to propel our success at a world-class level.”

A total of four (4) CHEO research projects received CIHR Operating Funds, including:

Emergency Department
Dr. Amy Plint and team ($1,129,365 over 4 years) for their project entitled, “How safe are our pediatric emergency departments? A national prospective cohort study.” This study will address a gap in our knowledge about patient safety and provide important information on the frequency, severity and preventability of adverse events occurring among children in the emergency department.

Cancer Research
Dr. Robert Korneluk and team ($794,885 over 5 years) for their project entitled, “Combined IAP antagonism and immunotherapy for cancer treatment.” This funding will be used to facilitate the translation of their recent discovery (published in this month’s issue of Nature Biotechnology) into clinical studies. They have shown that two experimental anti-cancer immunotherapies, Smac mimetics and oncolytic viruses, synergize to kill tumor cells. Importantly, this combination therapy may accelerate the development of either one or both drug classes into the clinic by increasing their efficacy.

Pediatric Intensive Care
Dr. Kusum Menon and team ($597.372 over 2.5 years) for their project entitled, “Steroid Use in Pediatric Fluid and Vasoactive Infusion Dependent Shock.” This multi-site study is a pilot randomized controlled trial aimed at determining the effect of steroids on the outcome of children with severe shock.

BORN Ontario
Dr. Sandra Dunn and team ($208,348 over 2.6 years) for their research project entitled, “Understanding Factors Related to Evidence-Informed Practice: Attributes, Contextual Factors and Barriers to Use of the Maternal Newborn Dashboard in Ontario.” With over 140,000 babies born each year in Ontario there are many opportunities for high quality care as well as for potential problems and high costs if quality is not monitored and improved. A new alerting system (the BORN Maternal Newborn Dashboard), recently implemented in 106 hospitals across the province, allows maternal-newborn care centers to identify when best practice is not occurring - a necessary step towards quality improvement. This study will explore factors that influence the use of this system to improve care. 

Click here for complete results of the CIHR Operating Grant Funding Competition.

About CHEO Research Institute
The CHEO Research Institute coordinates the research activities of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and is affiliated with the University of Ottawa. Its three programs of research include molecular biomedicine, health information technology, and evidence to practice research. Key themes include cancer, diabetes, obesity, mental health, emergency medicine, musculoskeletal health, electronic health information and privacy, and genetics of rare disease. The CHEO Research Institute makes discoveries today for healthier kids tomorrow. For more information, visit
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