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Annual Research Awards 2016
And the winners are... 
Outstanding Investigator
One award presented to a researcher for their outstanding achievements over the past few years as evidenced by funding, publications, national or international reputation and discoveries that have the potential to impact healthcare at CHEO and around the world.
Congrats, Dr. Mark Tremblay!

Excerpt from a nomination letter… “He holds over $3.5 million in active research grants as a Principal Investigator, and is the lead author or co-author on 46 peer-reviewed journal article publications in 2015. He launched the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance in 2015, which is a network of researchers, health professionals and stakeholders working to advance physical activity globally in children and youth. Mark also serves as Principal Investigator and Organizer of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance Global Matrix 2.0, which represents the concurrent preparation of Report Cards on the physical activity of children and youth in 38 countries from six continents.”

Outstanding Trainee 
One award presented to recognize a trainee’s outstanding achievements in research. This is based on high academic achievement (including publications, presentations and awards), personal leadership qualities and demonstrated research ability. Submissions can be for either bench or bed side research.  All level of trainees may be nominated including Undergraduates or Graduate Students, or Postdoctoral Fellows, and self-nomination is permitted with a letter from a supervisor.
Congrats, Joanne Joseph!  

Excerpt from a nomination letter… “Thanks to her accuracy, attention to detail and industrial productivity, her first set of results were immediately useful to advance her project to the second phase and implement further improvements. As a consequence, Joanne was able to demonstrate that vascular progenitor cells promote lung growth and attenuate pulmonary hypertension in a neonatal model of lung disease by shedding nano particles, so-called exosomes. This opens the possibility to provide a cell therapy without the cell and enables allogeneic, off-the-shelf treatment for neonates with lung hypoplasia and severe pulmonary hypertension.” 
Outstanding Research Mentor
One award presented to an individual who provides outstanding research mentorship and has the ability to inspire others. This person coaches and encourages others to succeed in fulfilling the CHEO RI’s mission to conduct research in a dynamic learning environment and translates that knowledge into practice.
Congrats, Dr. Amy Plint!

Excerpt from a nomination letter… “Dr Plint is an invaluable source of support. She takes the time to really listen and understand people's ideas.  Through gentle questioning, she pushes people to think things through and develop solid projects. She always finds the time to help, regardless of how busy she is.  Her comments are always very thoughtful. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr Plint is one of the best mentors one can hope for.  Her dedication, her critical thinking, and her obvious desire to share her skills, in combination with her kind and respectful manner make her a tremendous role model."

Outstanding Research Coordinator
One award presented to a research coordinator for his or her outstanding contribution towards the conduct of research at the CHEO RI. This person embodies the CHEO RI’s core values of excellence, passion, integrity, creativity and collaboration. This persons’ project management skills are essential to the success of each research project from inception through to publication.
Congrats, Jessica Reszel!

Excerpt from a nomination letter… “She excels at organizing grants and manuscripts, conducting qualitative and some quantitative analysis, managing details for REB, managing co-investigator correspondence and meetings, mentoring new research assistants, and general day-to-day management of projects.  I know our team would be lost without her!  It’s a gift to find someone so organized and dedicated to all aspects of research and the research process and it provides me with peace of mind to know that we are following all the rules/regulations associated with conducting high quality research."

Spirit of the RI (Individual or Team)

One award presented to an individual or team at the CHEO RI who best exemplifies our core values: excellence, passion, integrity, creativity and collaboration.
Congrats, Dr. Tommy Alain!

Excerpt from a nomination letter… “Since taking the polar ice plunge into the Ottawa river for research in his first month of RI employment …..which happened to be January as it turns out….to dressing as the CHEO Bear at various fund raising races, to cycling in the CN cycle race, to spending the day with Molly Penny and CHEO patients, the eternally smiling, endlessly agreeable Tommy Alain has been a force for the good at the CHEO RI.  Whatever initiative is being considered you can count on Tommy if not being the actual initiator, serving as a willing co-conspirator.  It is clear that this is someone with a HUGE heart, someone who CARES deeply, someone who wants to make a significant and positive difference.”
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