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REDCap Announcements   
REDCap was upgraded to version 7.4.2 on July 3rd, 2017. Version 7.4.2 offers the following new features and improvements:
New features:

REDCap Messenger
REDCap Messenger is a communication platform built directly into REDCap. It allows REDCap users to communicate easily and efficiently with each other in a secure manner. At its core, REDCap Messenger is a chat application that enables REDCap users to send one-on-one direct messages or to organize group conversations with other REDCap users. REDCap Messenger is also the best and easiest way to share documents with other REDCap users, in which you can upload documents and embed pictures inside any given conversation.
Calendar Events and Survey Invitations on Record Home Page
If a record has any calendar events (included scheduled events) or survey invitations that that will occur in the next 7 days, it will display a button above the table on the Record Home Page. The button will note how many calendar events or survey invitations there are for the current record in the 7 days, and when clicked, it will display the next 7 days worth of calendar events or survey invitations in agenda mode view.
Improved Field Validation Error Message
The generic field validation error message ("The value you provided could not be validated because it does not follow the expected format. Please try again.") has been improved, in which it now additionally displays "Required format:" and the name of the field validation (e.g., "Datetime (D-M-Y H:M)") in the error prompt so that there is no ambiguity about what the format should be.
Change to Codebook access
The Codebook page required Project Setup/Design privileges to view it, although in previous versions it did not require any special user privileges in order to view the page. However, due to good arguments made against the change in 7.3.1, the change has been reverted, and the Codebook will now be fully viewable to all users in the project just as it was in versions prior to 7.3.1.

Invitation reminders are now displayed by default
Invitation reminders are now displayed by default in the Survey Invitation Log. In previous versions, the "Display invitation reminders?" checkbox would have to be checked in order to see the reminders. Not initially seeing the reminders would cause some users to mistakenly assume that nothing was scheduled.
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