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REDCap Announcements   
REDCap was upgraded to version 8.4.5 on June 8, 2018. Version 8.4.5 offers the following features and improvements:
PDF download for Survey Respondents
  • On an instrument's survey settings page, a user may enable the option "allow participants to download a PDF of their responses at end of survey."
New ‘Save’ buttons on data entry forms 
  • "Save & Go To Next Record"- When clicked, user will be taken to the Record Home Page for the record following the one that was just edited
  • "Save & Exit Record" - After being clicked, the user is taken back to the Record Home Page to select another record or create a new one.
New Action Tags
  • @NONEOFTHEABOVE - Allows for the designation of a checkbox choice to be a 'none of the above' option, thus ensuring that no other choices are checked if that one choice is selected.
  • @HIDECHOICE - Hides one or more choices of a multiple choice field. This action tag is useful if you wish to retire a particular choice after utilizing it for a while in data collection, thus allowing you to hide the choice from that point after without orphaning any of the choice's data, which would happen if you simply deleted the choice.
  • @RANDOMORDER - Randomizes the order of multiple choice field options as displayed on survey pages and data entry forms, in which their order will be different each time the page is loaded.
  • @WORDLIMIT - Sets the maximum number of words that can be entered into a Text field or Notes field, and also displays the number of words remaining.
  • @CHARLIMIT - Sets the maximum number of characters that can be entered into a Text field or Notes field, and also displays the number of characters remaining.
  • @MAXCHECKED - Allows a checkbox field to have a maximum number of checkboxes that can be checked.
  • @MAXCHOICE - Causes one or more specified choices to be disabled (i.e., displayed but not usable) for a checkbox, radio button, or drop-down field after a specified amount of records have been saved with that choice.
Attach PDF of responses in confirmation email 
  • When using the “Send confirmation email” option on the Survey Settings page for a survey, that section now contains an additional option to “Include PDF of completed survey as attachment”, which will add the PDF of their responses sent to the participant in their confirmation email.
  • WARNING: Since email is not considered a secure form of communication, the PDF attachment option is NOT recommended if the survey contains questions asking for identifying information (e.g., PHI).
External Modules
  • External Modules are individual packages of software that can be downloaded and installed by a REDCap administrator. Modules can extend REDCap's current functionality, and can also provide customizations and enhancements for REDCap's existing behavior and appearance at the system level or project level.
  • Please email to learn more about External Modules.
New option to allow respondents to return to a partially completed or fully completed survey response without needing a return code.
  • When enabling "Save & Return Later" for a survey on the Survey Settings page, it will still default to requiring a return code in order for a respondent to continue the survey where they left off. But a user may opt to allow respondents to return to and continue their survey with only the survey link.
  • NOTE: If you are collecting identifying information (e.g., PII, PHI), for privacy reasons it is HIGHLY recommended that you leave the option unchecked so as to enforce a return code.
Record ID Column
  • A Record ID column has been added to the Participant List table and to the Survey Invitation Log. This new column will make it easier to find participants. This will also allow for sorting and filtering buy Record ID.
  • Note: If the record name should not be displayed in order to preserve the anonymity of a response (e.g., participant identifier is not used, designated email field is not used), it will instead display an icon indicating that the record name cannot be displayed.
New "compact" option for PDFs of forms/surveys
  • A compact-formatted PDF is produced that excludes fields that have no data saved and excludes unselected multiple choice options, thus producing a smaller PDF file.
Survey-specific email invitation fields
  • This is a new option on the Survey Settings page that can be enabled for any given survey, in which a user may designate an email field for sending survey invitations for that survey only.
  • The email field being utilized for the survey can exist on any instrument in the project, and you may use a different email field on each survey. You may also use the same email field for multiple surveys.
  • This feature is similar to the project-level email invitation field except that it is employed only for the survey where it has been enabled. This allows users to have data entry workflows that require multiple surveys where the participant is different for each survey. Using this feature, multiple people can be emailed a survey invitation, after which all the survey data they enter goes into the same record in the project.
Smart Variables
  • Smart Variables are dynamic variables that can be used in calculated fields, conditional/branching logic, and piping. Similar to using project variable names inside square brackets - e.g., [heart_rate], Smart Variables are also represented inside brackets - e.g., [user- name], [survey-link], [previous-event-name][weight], or [heart_rate][previous-instance]. But instead of pointing to data fields.
  • Smart Variables are context-aware and thus adapt to the current situation. Some can be used with field variables or other Smart Variables, and some are meant to be used as stand-alone.
  • To learn more about Smart Variables, documentation and examples for using Smart Variables are included on the Project Setup page, Online Designer, and other places throughout REDCap in a popup and alternatively as a standalone page.
If you have any questions regarding this new functionality or any other REDCap related questions, please contact 
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